Digital finger painting :) I’m actually doing a real paint version that’ll be part of a set. This one was just for fun.

Digital finger painting :) I’m actually doing a real paint version that’ll be part of a set. This one was just for fun.




Women of Steel

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Oh my GOD.

And now I want armor so I can look this cool. 

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It’s not often I feel compelled to write about things I watch and especially not specific episodes. But this happened.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired an episode that is basically all about how Rainbow Dash has ADHD. I don’t know if that was the specific intent of the writers, to write Rainbow Dash as having ADHD, but to anybody who has or knows someone who has ADHD I think that’s what we’re going to see.

I wish they’d had more things like this on television when I was a kid. Rainbow Dash in this episode was me throughout school. The moment she started rocking side to side in the chair I started snowballing down “I Can Relate to This” Mountain. 

I don’t remember seeing very many accurate portrayals of ADHD on television. ADHD characters tended to be portrayed in a way that showed a serious lack of understanding of what ADHD is. The focus was either entirely on the hyperactivity or the attention deficit part was shown as the character having an attention span of about two seconds (“So, when we divide the x from a and multiply it by - hey look! Shiny thing! As I was saying, the square root of pi is - is that a balloon?”). They were usually disruptive, loud, over impulsive, and often kind of confused. Always looked over was the part where ADHD kids are often pretty smart, that they often can pay attention to several things at once, and might see details that other people don’t.  

I didn’t have a lot of characters on television that I could relate to, who were like me when I was growing up. Interpreting Rainbow Dash as having ADHD gives us two current, relatively realistic and positive portrayals of ADHD characters, Stiles in Teen Wolf being the other. There may be others too but I don’t watch a lot of television anymore and I haven’t seen any who’ve stood out to me. 

The episode also highlights how everyone has a different learning style, not just ADHD kids. Sure, a lot of kids learn just fine Twilight Sparkle’s way. That’s why it remains the standard way children are taught. That doesn’t mean everyone can learn like that. And it doesn’t mean the kids who can’t learn that way are stupid.

This episode needs to be required viewing for anyone getting an education degree. And maybe there should be a mass viewing of it on a professional development day. Kids shouldn’t need a cartoon to tell them they aren’t stupid. They wouldn’t need this in their cartoons if there weren’t teachers who make them feel stupid for not being able to learn the way everyone else does. It’s bad enough to hear it from the other kids, but when it’s coming from the teachers it’s really hard to feel like it isn’t true.



Fiber Optic Dress by Natalina

It looks like a jelly fish! I have decided that this dress qualifies as a need. It is not a want, it is something I need to have in my life.

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I don’t know what kind of weird wonderful April Fool’s joke I just became part of or if this is something I can trust… but whatever it is I have a top hat on my user icon now.


It is no longer April Fool’s Day :( I miss the top hat.



just when you think it can’t get any better suddenly it does

I didn’t know it until now, but I have been waiting my entire life for this.

Something I wish people wouldn’t do:

People on the internet do this a lot. You do it when you find a really cool person on the interwebs or you find a really awesome music group or artist that you have never heard before or a really hilarious video that you have never seen yet. You leave a comment on this cool new thing to tell them who they can thank for your new found love of them.

A favorite YouTuber openly recommend a music video - you leave a comment on the music video saying “YouTuberXYZ sent me! Great music! Love you!”.

A celebrity on Twitter posts a video you have never seen before, be it viral or some cool short film, you leave a comment that “CelebrityPerson sent me! I love your video!”

Someone you follow on Tumblr posts a link to a favorite blog or site or Tumblr and you let that blog, site, or Tumblr know how you found them. 

Someone introduces you to the works of an author and if you ever meet that author at a signing you let them know how your friend is responsible for your love of the author.

You may read this and wonder what’s wrong with that. Why shouldn’t you give credit to the person who introduced you to these things? The problem isn’t about giving credit or thanks to someone who introduces you to something great. It’s about how it’s done.

If your favorite YouTuber posts a video about how amazing something is then leave a comment on their video thanking them for introducing you to this amazing thing. Then leave a comment for the amazing thing about how great and wonderful and amazing they are leaving out the part where you found them through someone else. YouTuber gets credit for having awesome taste, creator of the awesome thing gets credit for having created something awesome.

When you leave a comment on someone’s cool thing telling them how this person or that person lead you to find this you indirectly give credit for the things amazingness to the person who you found it through rather than the person who made it. You’re telling the creator that they’re amazing because YouTuberXYZ recommended them and not because they’re amazing on their own. You’re telling them that they have someone else to thank for any sudden increase in interest in their work. And while it may be partially true, it’s inappropriate to say. 

So, again, tell someone that you’re interested in their work because it’s interesting. Don’t tell them you’re interested in their work because somebody else told you it was interesting.


I like the way Tumblr dresses up the logo for special days. As fun as the Google illustrations can be, sometimes a nice subtle piece of festivity is nicer.

That said, it appears to be Pi Day.

I want to see how sick people are. Reblog if you have ever been bullied physically or mentally. Ever been called a name. Cried at night. Ever been cyber bullied. Just reblog if you have been bullied.

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“You can find the game by searching Humpty Dumpty Wall Game”

Awesome! I’m going to have to order one. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this game before.

I wonder if it could be adapted to be like classic Donkey Kong…


Jonghyun’s odd punishment

Okay… guys… the relevant thing here isn’t me posting my K-pop obsession all over my blog. Ignore that part. The K-pop group is not relevant to your interests. They’re not there.


It’s like some magical Humpty Dumpty Jenga. I want need this. What is it? Is it called something ridiculously simple like Humpty Dumpty or Jenga Jr.? Why have I never seen this before? I want a game where I get to make Humpty Dumpty fall! My life is incomplete without this.There’s now a hole in my soul. I must fill it with Humpty Dumpty Jenga.

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The Sisterhood of the Dragon : a tale of lady knights and dragons

When a kingdom is born on the outskirts of the dragons’ domain, the king and his advisors began the ritual of sacrifice to appease the winged creatures. At the beginning and end of each year a girl would be sacrificed to the dragons.

But the dragons were horrified by such a brutal and barbaric offering; so they took the girls and brought them to their nesting grounds, giving the abandoned young women new homes and purpose - to guard the dragons’ eggs. So the Sisterhood of the Dragon was born; those betrayed by their kingdom were welcomed with open arms and wings - trained to fight and protect, some to heal and some to sew and some to cook and some to nurture and some to hunt, each woman finding purpose and her own calling.

Is this a thing?? I would like this to be a thing!!

This actually kinda is a thing. There’s a novel by Mercedes Lackey called One Good Knight from her Five Hundred Kingdoms series. It’s pretty good and also has some mythology tie ins.

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Beauty(?) and the Beast …genderbend XD!

This is absurdly cute. Beast is all fluff and adorable. If Beauty and the Beast were remade with a female Beast and a male Belle (though I guess he’d be called Beau or something)… I’d probably pay to see it in theaters more than once. Not just because this design is adorable but because it’d be refreshingly new and different from the way we usually see the story told. And if done by Disney… Beast as a Disney Princess? All fluffy and adorable but sometimes rage filled and sullen and broody? It’d be nice to see a Disney princess that wasn’t always a bright, positive little ball of sunshine. 

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Where do you think Van Gogh rates in the history of art?

This gif set brings back all the feels from watching the episode. This is one of the best Dr Who episodes ever. Period. I declare all other arguments invalid.

Also: truthiness. 

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chemical reaction

*how to spawn demons: a beginner’s guide to chemistry

Is it weird that the word that comes to mind watching these gifs is “sexy”? Can anyone else imagine these demonstrations being done by a cute young science teacher? 

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